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My name is Rasa I am from Lithuania, but I live in Germany (Berlin) at the moment. I achieved bachelor degree in architecture in Vilnius Gediminas technical university In Lithuania. I have a year experience working as an interior designer. Now I’m working as an intern here in Berlin at GRAFT since the beginning of March. My contract is over on the 31st of August. I’m looking for a job from the 1st of September.

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4 e année Architecture

Ecole : Vilnius gediminas technical university

Vilnius fr

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durée : 6 month

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Gargzdai vaivorykstes gymnazium
Vilnius Gediminas technical university
School of young architect
Work experience
Statbos strategija
Baltick film services
Architectural design, architectural composition, typology
of buildings, history of architecture, contemporary
architecture, art, design and architectural
graphics, computer design, landscape...

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